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Our associate links

Tillberg Design International

With more than 50 years experience, Tillberg Design International is a globally recognized leader in the design of cruise ships.

James Media Company Ltd

Technical Writing and Origination Authoring of a variety of documents, manuals, policy, procedures and processes.

JMC has a solid grounding in engineering, technology and information management. We have ‘been there’ in the field, now we are writing the manual!

Through our associate programme we have specialists and a presence in many fields.

Lawes Marine Consultants

Lawes & Co Marine Consultants offer a 'one stop shop' for all your marine requirements with our team of experts specializing in all areas of ship operation including Legal, Marine, Technical, Environment, Medical, Marketing and Human Resources. With our consultants positioned globally, our response times are reduced. Additionally, with many consultants actively working within the marine industry in operational roles, Lawes and Co Consultants offer modern day professionals with up to date working knowledge of the very latest advancements in technology and industry legislation. Our philosophy is to provide value for money solutions to the many problems related to ship operation through commercial sound advice and support

NorthWest Clean Air (NWCA)

NorthWest Clean Air Company Inc (NWCA) was established in 1993 after recognizing the need for the development of a more cost effective and environmentally beneficial method of filtering air onboard ships.

The NWCA air filter products have been designed to offer maximum performance in the demanding marine environment when installed in air handling equipment, fan coil units and on engine turbochargers.

EMCS Industries

EMCS Industries Ltd invented the first marine growth protection system in 1950 (now commonly known as MGPS) and the NOXX HYD™ low frequency antifouling system in 1974. We protect both internal systems and external surfaces for many companies across a wide variety of applications such as offshore platforms, saltwater piping systems, desalination plant intakes, chillers, and anti-fouling ladders for ocean-based wind farms. On ships (our core market) we protect the sea chests and sea suctions, fire suctions, strainers, and crossovers

Smart Design 2006

Smart Design has been operating steadily on the market for about 14 years. Our company provides quality services at competitive costs using modern technology. We primarily offer four types of services which involve Ship Design, Power Plant Design, Civil Engineering and 3D Laser Scanning.